Professional Detailing - Vermont Quick Lube

Professional Detailing

#1 - Full Detail

The complete vehicle. (5-6 hours, add 1-2 hours/others)

  • Exterior hand wash and chamois dried.
  • Hand wax and polish with one coat of Meguiar’s Premium Carnauba Wax (clay treat, bugs and tar removed as needed).
  • Engine compartment cleaned and dressed with Meguiar’s Premium Engine Degreaser and Dressing.
  • Wheels cleaned and dressed with Meguiar’s Premium Wheel Cleaner and Dressing.
  • Interior washed and dressed, carpets heat cleaned, seats, leather and vinyl cleaned with Mytee Heated Extractor and Meguiar’s Premium cleaner.
  • Trunks cleaned and vacuumed with Meguiar’s Premium Cleaner ansd Mytee Heated Extractor (shampooed as needed).

**extra coat of wax added per request $25.00 extra**



Exterior Only Detail

"Everything outside"

  • Hand wash, remove tar & bugs.
  • Clean wheels & tires.
  • Hand wax finish - Meguiar’s Premium Carnauba Wax.
  • Clean and dress tires. (2.5 hours).


$90.00/Van and SUV's

Interior Detail

"Everything inside"

  • Vacuum.
  • Wash all surfaces.
  • Clean vents.
  • Dress vinyl surfaces.
  • Clean leather, heat clean and shampoo carpets, cloth seats & floor mats.
  • Clean door jams.
  • Wash windows. (2.5-3 hours).



$120.00/Others & minivans

Hand Car Wash

  • Hand wash exterior.
  • Clean wheels & tires, dress tires. (45 minutes).

***No interior and no wax***



Engine cleaning

  • Clean engine & underside of hood.
  • Dress plastic parts and hoses. (wipe down and dress plastic and hoses) (1 hour).