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Transmission Service

Vermont Quick Lube Transmission Flushes

The Transmission's function is to transfer power from the engine to the wheels of your vehicle. Just like your engine, your Transmission requires occasional service in order to keep it running at it's optimal performance level. Think of it as an oil change for your Transmission.

What does the automatic transmission fluid do?

Automatic transmission fluid lubricates, cools, cleans, protects all the components of your transmission. Just like your engine oil, the transmission fluid requires periodic changing. Fresh fluid is the best way to keep your transmission healthy and on the road.

What does manual transmission do?

Manual transmission fluid provides lubrication to gears, your bearings, shafts and other metal components. These metal components require proper lubrication or otherwise wear occurs prematurely.

What can you do to protect your transmission?

Simple. Follow your manufacturer’s schedule for transmission fluid changes. We encourage you to change the fluid following your maintenance schedule from your manufacturer.